My name is Cuauhtémoc Suárez, from Monterrey, Mexico and I'm currently living in Mexico City. I'm a freelance photographer, co-founder of NWLA.TV, and co-founder of

Collective Exhibition "El Piropo" at the week "Les Printems des Poetes" Monterrey, Mexico.
Individual Exhibition "Fotografías" Guadalajara, México.
Individual Exhibition "Femíneo Éxtasis" Chihuahua, México.
Collective Exhibition "Expression Fest Vol. 3" Cancun, Mexico.
Workshop at the "Render" Simposium, ITESM University, Monterrey, Mexico
Collective Exhibition "Free City Eyes" Monterrey, Mexico.
Individual Exhibition "Quédate" Monterrey, México
Special Guest at Collective Exhibition "Echoes" Monterrey, Mexico
"Say My Name", first solo exhibition at Mexico City, Mexico > Flyer <

My Photography has been published in:
Agueda Blanco x C-Heads
Power is black is white is radness x My Superhero Mag
Alma en Pena x My Superhero Mag
i-D Magazine (UK) 1 - 2
Dazed and Confused (UK) (UK) - Carla Fernández - Malafacha - Trista
"Sweet Life", a zine with some of my work of 2012 by Blood Of The Young
Dusty Mx
Gabriela from Deseo Lascivo at Vice Portugal
Cata from Deseo Lascivo at Vice Italy
NWLA.TV Deseo Lascivo. (A weekly column in collaboration with photographer Alan Yee 2012-2013)
Vice México: Caos Vial
Retratos Festival Nrmal 2012
Poni Republic
Page. The Magazine. (México) 04 05 08
Revista Chicle. (México)
Fifi Magazine. (US)
PlayGround Magazine (Spain, Latinamerica)
Brillo Monthly (México)
Indie Rocks (México)
Nobody Calls Me Chicken Zine (Australia)
Nylon Magazine (México)
Errr Magazine (México) #1 - #5 - #15
Animal Youth (Argentina)
Poncz Magazine (Polonia) - No. 0
Libertarian Magazine (Argentina)
No Thoughts Photo Zine #3
Girls on Film - 03 - 05

A documentary about my work by Vice Mexico
One Heap Wonder
Interview with C-Heads Magazine
Anormal Mag
Cultura Colectiva
The Twins
VBS.TV (Vice) on "Mexican Pointy Boots"
Société Perrier
Medina Magazine
Style & Trend México
fuckyoudraculas by Jaime Martinez
Revista DIME
Trend Hunter
Stupid Mags
Dear Deer
Poni Republic

2012. All photos by Cuauhtemoc Suarez. All rights reserved.